Weight lifting can be a great way to improve your chiropractic health at Mauricio Chiropractic. Having strong muscles can help support your joints and spine to keep them in place. However, when you do weight lifting wrong it can cause injuries that can lead to long-term issues. You need to take proper care to make sure you looking after your overall health right now and in the long term. Here are some weight lifting tips from our chiropractors to take care of your joints and spine while you build muscle.

man weight lifting at gym

#1 Slowly Build Your Routine Over Time

The majority of people that start a new fitness routine do it to reach their goals as soon as they can. It is respectable and understandable to have that kind of enthusiasm. However, this can get in the way of your health in the long term.

The weight-lifting routine you pick is going to become a part of your life in the long term. This is why you need to make sure you set realistic goals and slowly build muscle over time. As your muscles start to build, they will be able to prevent any injury when you lift heavier weights. You need to learn your limits and don’t push yourself too hard and too fast.

#2 Don’t Skip The Warm-Up or The Cool Down

The best way to keep your muscles loose and preventing any injury is to stretch at the beginning and at the end of your workout. You might feel like your just wasting your time, but it is essential to not skip them to preserve your good health.

#3 Consult a Technique Expert

It may look like the easiest thing to do is to start lifting weights and start your fitness journey without any barriers right away. But, it can also be very easy to get injured and hurt yourself while not lifting weights the proper way.

You can consult with a trainer at your gym for tips on proper posture while lifting weights. If you’re working out from home, you can still do this online. Find a trainer for weight lifting you trust. They can guide you on the proper techniques for lifting weights, and then have you send them videos of your lifting. They can check that your technique is correct and give you valuable input. This way, you build muscle while preventing injuries!

#4 Do Not Lift With Your Back

This is the most popular advice given by trainers for a reason. If you start lifting weights with your back, you will likely strain your muscles and potentially hurt your spinal alignment. It can easily result in a compressed nerve and lots of pain. When you’re lifting weights, never twist your body. Keep a straight spine before and during lifting.

#5 Maintain A Strong Core

Your core is very important when you’re building muscle. By maintaining a strong core, your arm and leg day will be easier. Having a strong core leads to a better posture, meaning that your spine will be straight and your weight lifting practice will be overall better.

Prevent Injuries With Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatments can help treat injuries, prevent them, and improve your performance. 

The goal of your weight lifting routine is to change your health or maintain your current fitness level. It’s good practice to get help from a chiropractor as your body is changing, this way your spine stays aligned, and you look out for your joint health.

With the help of a chiropractor, you’re most likely to be aware of something you’re doing in your workout is causing you pain or an injury.

Keeping your body in proper alignment with chiropractic care can prevent injuries from getting worse and building in the long term.

We hope these weight lifting tips were helpful! Talk to your chiropractors at Mauricio Chiropractic about your weight lifting routine and a good schedule for your treatments to make sure your joint health and spine are taken care of.

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