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Benefits of Good Posture

Parents and other well-meaning family members often chastise their younger kids to “stand up” and tell them “don’t slouch.” While this may be annoying to children with much different problems on their mind, proper posture is highly beneficial to the mind and body of all ages. Regardless of your age, it’s best to seek Kissimmee Florida chiropractic care.

Posture is the positioning of the body when standing, sitting, or even when lying down. Having good posture minimizes the strain placed on supporting muscles and ligaments by aligning our skeletal structure and engaging the correct muscles.

What is Proper Posture?

To have good posture, a person should straighten their back, maintaining the natural curve in the lower positioning, and gently roll the shoulders up and back so the shoulders point out away from the neck and don’t roll in towards each other. The buttocks should be neutral or slightly tucked in and the core should be slightly engaged while the knees are relaxed. When sitting, feet should be flat on the floor and knees bent at a right angle.

Decrease Pain

Maintaining proper posture is good for your body in many ways. It can help decrease or prevent pains in your back and neck. Many individuals with consistent back or neck pain can experience significant relief by taking persistent steps to maintain proper posture when sitting and standing. If good posture doesn’t fix some of the pain you experience, you may want to seek Kissimmee Florida chiropractic care.

Even if you don’t feel you have back pain, you may experience the occasional discomfort in your neck or back without really thinking about it. This is especially true if you spend extended periods of time in an unnatural position, such as looking down at your phone or leaning on an elbow while sitting. Proper posture aligns your body, preventing the supporting muscles from becoming strained. For example, the long muscles that line your spine are only meant to assist in the spine’s position. With a curved back or neck, these muscles are put in an unnatural position and can become strained. By sitting and standing straight and keeping the head in an upright and relaxed position, the vertebrae sit on top of each other and the surrounding muscles aren’t pushed past their normal job.

Prevent Future Problems

Having a healthy spine by maintaining the proper posture can prevent future neck and back injuries. When the muscles aren’t strained and the elements of the spine are healthy, the body is less likely to sustain an injury when environmental stressors come up. By keeping the spine aligned, there is less wear and tear on the bones, ligaments, and muscles. When pressure is placed on the elements of the spine, it can wear down protective tissue. This can result in very painful diseases such as herniated discs and arthritis. These health problems are very hard to overcome and can disrupt your lifestyle. If you do experience serious health problems, you should consult a Kissimmee Florida chiropractic care facility to learn what you can do.

Increase Circulation

Good posture opens up the front of the body, allowing the lungs more room to expand upon each breath. This increases the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream and subsequently the amount of nutrients and oxygen that reaches the muscles and the brain. This increases overall functioning of the body and internal organs, including the functioning of the brain. Increasing your oxygen can improve your brain functioning, essentially making you smarter! Imagine what hours on end of poor posture does to the amount of oxygen in your blood. Perhaps you slouch on your commute, while you’re at your desk, and after work when watching TV. I wonder if your lungs ever get the chance to take a proper breath!

Mental Health

Standing upright can increase your confidence and overall mental health. There’s a theory that the brain receives information about your posture from your body and this affects your mood. Taking on a physical stance that exudes confidence can actually make you feel more capable. Not only can it directly affect your mood, but it affects how people see you. People often take cues on how to engage with another person through nonverbal cues such as posture. When you stand tall and confidently, it’s more likely for people to see you as someone that should be treated with respect.

If you’re not convinced, try taking a picture of yourself slouching and then another when you are exhibiting ideal posture. It makes a very significant difference in the way you come off to the world. It also makes you look taller and slimmer by stretching out your mass. Take steps to develop the habit of good posture to improve your physical and mental health today! Contact your local Kissimmee Florida chiropractic care facility to learn more about the benefits of good posture.

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