September and the start of school is a tough time for any student whether they are in elementary school, middle school, high school or college. This is especially true if they were on full-on vacation mode during the summer, both physically and mentally. That is why, as a highly experienced Orlando chiropractor, we feel it is our duty to provide some helpful information when it comes to getting back into a routine. Chiropractic care for students can help break the slow summer mentality and get them back into a routine.

Chiropractic Care for Students

Chiropractic Care for Students

Trying to get back into a routine is tough when returning from a summer of leisurely activities. During the summer break it is normal for students to pick up bad habits without realizing what they are doing. Breaking these habits is difficult, and the remolding period can be very tough. That is why we have provided these tips to help students seamlessly integrate back into a normal, healthy lifestyle.  Many people are aware of the physical health benefits when it comes to chiropractic care for students, but we will also be providing tips on how to improve their mental health as well.

When Choosing the Right Backpack | Chiropractic Care for Students

With all of the focus on children’s health sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked. Did you know that choosing the wrong type of backpack could have serious long term health repercussions? This is especially true for children and teens who are still growing. Putting this extra pressure on their spines through the growth period can hinder it as well as cause misalignment which can have a negative domino effect on the rest of the their bodies. Following these simple tips can prohibit this from happening:

  • Choose a backpack with two straps instead of one to spread the weight evenly
  • Choose a backpack with wide padded shoulders to minimize compression
  • Choose a backpack with fitted storage compartments, so items do not have a chance to move around freely, shifting weight unnaturally which can cause balance issues
  • Consider child’s weight. A backpack should never weigh more than 20% your child’s weight.
  • If they bring a water bottle to school never fill it up at home, the extra weight might not seem like much but an extra 20 ounces of water for young children is a big deal especially of they are lugging it around all day.

Relocating to Student Dormitories | Chiropractic Care for Students

For the older students, moving day is a big deal. It is an exciting time in their lives, finally being free from under the watchful eye of their parents. It is also one of the most stressful days, especially in a dormitory where the congestion of hundreds of people moving in at the same time can be overwhelming. Follow these tips if you’re planning to do all of the heavy lifting yourself:

  • Move the heavier boxes first. Throughout the day you will become more fatigued, which subconsciously causes you to slack on your posture. It is best to move the heavier items first while you’re fresh and energetic.
  • Getting a grip – Use high quality boxes with gripping handles on them, this will allow you to be in more control when it comes to moving them
  • Tightly pack the boxes – The less room contents have to shift within the boxes the less chances those shifts in weight will put you off balance. This is especially important if you’re navigating around flights of stairs.
  • Proper lifting technique – Bend your hips and knees to squat down to your load, keep it close to your body, and straighten your legs to lift.

Returning to Sports Activities | Chiropractic Care for Students

If your students took a break from their sport in the summer, keep in mind that a steep reintroduction back into that sport can have negative impacts on their body. This is especially true as they get older, when their bodies are becoming less used to sudden movements without proper introduction. It is similar to that of an athlete that returns to preseason training without planning a blending in period. Jumping right back into it will result in aches, pains, build-up of lactic acid in joints, and injury. But this can all be prevented through the correct warm-up techniques such as dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching routines are the preferable method as opposed to static stretching because of the following:

  • Gradually increases your range of motion throughout the warm-up, preventing injury during this initial period
  • Improves the blood flow to muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments, carrying oxygen and preparing these for more intense movements later on
  • Increase heartrate which will aide in submerging yourself in the activity you’re about to undertake. An increased heartrate also increases the blood flow.

Incorporating a foam roller into pre- and post-workouts will also limit the chances of muscle aches, pain, and injury. Without these physical ailments it is far more likely that the student will have less distractions when it comes down to hitting the books and focusing in class.

Good Posture in Class |  Chiropractic Care for Students

As we have explained previously, after a long summer break the student subconsciously will have picked up some lazy habits along the way. One of the most common of these is slouching, usually associated with getting comfortable on a couch. Although they won’t be sitting on couches in class, slouching habits can be brought into the classroom at their desk. This posture can have a negative mental effect on the mind because it is associated with idleness and relaxation and not with focus and attention. Getting them in the habit of sitting up straight at home before they get reintegrated into the academic life can make it easier for them to focus and get back into good study habits. We have written a previous piece on The Benefits of Good Posture that you also might find helpful.

Chiropractic Care for Students in Orlando, FL

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