Chiropractic care has not often been associated with weight loss, but can it help to shed a few pounds? People usually visit a chiropractor to help with chronic back pain or some form of physical ailment. However, our chiropractors at Mauricio Chiropractic are experienced in improving your overall health and wellness, which includes nutritional counseling. Let’s see how an Orlando chiropractor can help with weight loss.

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Weight Loss?[/caption]

The Relationship between Weight Gain and Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain results in a vicious cycle of weight gain and more back pain.  For people who suffer from back pain, whether it is through a work injury, auto accident, or poor posture, their lifestyle can take a hit. Back pain will increase the likelihood of a more sedentary approach to exercise, if exercise is possible, which will have a negative effect on weight control.

Furthermore, an increase in weight naturally will put extra stresses and strains on your body, which leads to extra pressure on your back as it tries to stabilize the larger mass. Chronic back pain can be a result of obesity. So, as you can see, the two issues go hand in hand with one another. That is why we suggest tackling both problems simultaneously through one of our customized plans.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You Lose Weight?

Our chiropractors at Mauricio Chiropractic have long helped people who suffered from weight issues. When it comes to tackling the dual problem of obesity and chronic back pain, we will perform a thorough assessment and offer our recommendations on the treatment possible.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Through regular chiropractic adjustments we can correct any postural imperfections a patient may have. By improving a patient’s posture, we can increase the mobility and function of joints. With increased movement you will be able to partake in simple exercises to help you shed some of the weight. Chiropractic adjustments will also equip your body to better handle the excess weight through proper strength and positioning.

Deep Tissue Massage

If the patient has been in a sedentary lifestyle for a prolonged period, then the initial weeks of exercises can cause a buildup of lactic acid within the muscles. This will increase the time it takes for the body to recover and be able to participate in the next exercise workout. Through deep tissue massages performed by an experienced Orlando chiropractor, we can lessen the recovery time needed in between exercise workouts, allowing you to take on a more intensive regime.

Exercise Program

After our initial assessment we will create a custom-built exercise program just for you. We take the time to explain to you the different stages of the plan and what progress we would like to see. No two people are alike, so no two plans are alike. With regular check-ups we will make sure your progress is staying on track for optimum results.

Nutrition Counseling

All of the above work would be pointless if we didn’t tackle the main pillar of weight gain; diet and nutrition. Our chiropractors have extensive experience and qualifications as nutrition counsellors and we can create a custom nutritional plan to help you lose weight. We constantly monitor your progress and tweak it as seen fit. We would always advise that you consult with your primary care physician as well.


Orlando Chiropractor Can Help You Lose Weight

At Mauricio Chiropractic we believe in increasing everybody’s health and wellness. If you have been tackling weight issues for a prolonged period and have yet to find the solution, contact one of our 9 chiropractic clinics in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Melbourne, FL. Our experienced chiropractors will create a plan and stay with you along your journey to health and happiness.

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