Fiber should get more love than it does. Fiber tends to strike fear in the hearts of people everywhere because it brings up images of tasteless bran cereal and prunes juice. However, there is so much more to fiber than you might think, and it also does more to your health than you know.

You don’t have to ask grandma every day for advice on how to get enough fiber. There are so many foods that are both delicious and high in fiber. You just need to know which ones.

Fiber can do a lot of heavy lifting in your everyday life, and there are so many ways it is contributing to your health. Here’s all you need to know about fiber and what it can do for you. 

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What Fiber Does For You

There a number of health benefits that fiber can bring to your life. Fiber may not sound very exciting, but your mind will be blown after learning all it can do for you, including:

Healthy Weight Maintenance

Lots of people struggle with maintaining a healthy weight. If you’re one of these people, fiber can be your only ally in this fight. This ingredient can’t be broken down by your body, so it moves down your digestive tract while regulating the way you use sugar and keeping it in check. It also helps you feel fuller for longer, that way you eat less during the day.

Healthy Digestive System

Having high amounts of fiber in your diet doesn’t only leave you feeling satisfied, but it also keeps your digestive system working properly. Diets that have a high content of this ingredient can lower your risks of colon cancer and any other colon-related diseases.

Reduces Cholesterol

Fiber can help keep your cholesterol levels in check, lowering the bad ones and upping the good ones. It can also benefit your heart, lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.

Live Longer

Your grandma is onto something with all that prune juice she takes. Increasing your fiber intake can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Ask your grandma for a prune cake for your next birthday! It can’t hurt!

How Much Fiber Should You Eat?

In order to get all of the benefits of fiber, you need to make sure you ingest enough of it every day. Our Mauricio Chiropractic nutritionists recommend that women under 50 eat 25 grams each day, while men under the age of 50 eat 38. However, if you are over 50, women should ingest 21 grams while men 30 grams per day.

Fiber-Rich Foods

You might be wondering now, “Which foods are best to increase my fiber intake?”. Well, we have good news. There are many of them that you might actually like already.

Some of the best foods to include in your diet are:

  • Pears
  • Avocado
  • Bananas
  • Carrots
  • Strawberries
  • Kale
  • Chickpeas
  • Artichokes
  • Chia seeds
  • Lentils
  • Oats
  • And the best, popcorn!

It really is not boring to add this ingredient to your diet. It is much easier than you think. Focusing on your daily intake will lead to a positive impact on your life. 

How Mauricio Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractors practice holistic medicine, meaning they provide care for the entire body instead of only disease symptoms. Part of this includes nutrition, using food to bring wellness and health to the body. Bringing the two together, including spinal adjustments will allow chiropractic care and nutrition counsel to provide the holistic approach you are seeking.

Chiropractors and Nutritionists Near You

If you’re interested in the holistic approach schedule your appointment with Mauricio Chiropractic here. Fiber is only one of the many foods you need to include in your diet for a healthier lifestyle. Start living better today!