Cycling in any form, be it recreationally or competitively, it’s an excellent way to keep in shape and enjoy the outdoors. But, it’s no fun at all if your back hurts. Back pain while riding a bicycle can have different causes, such as poor riding posture, a poorly fit bicycle, the wrong-sized bicycle or even a pre-existing injury. Like with any other type of exercise or sport, cycling requires training and adaptation. If you just started cycling, you should look into it more before getting on the road.

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Importantly, if you experience recurrent or prolonged back pain while cycling or even afterward, make sure to seek prompt assessment and treatment. However, there can be some simple adjustments to your bike you can do to prevent injuries. Sometimes, something as simple as adjusting your seat will help correct your posture and avoid injury. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Take a Chill Pill!

Whether you are training for a competition or just trying to beat your own record. DO NOT overdo it. Make sure you take the breaks you need on long rides, hydrate, and most importantly, stretch before you go out!

2. The Right Fit For Your Needs

There a lot of different types of bikes. Road, touring or mountain racing. Make sure your bike meets your needs. Where are you going to be riding on? For how long? Do you need a comfortable bike or a fast bike? Whenever you buy your new bike or take it for maintenance, ask to have it fitted to your frame. You are the one using it so make sure it’s comfortable.

3. Posture

When you go out on your bike, make sure you keep your spine neutral at the hips by avoiding to hunch your mid-back. If you can, avoid moving your upper body excessively. Use your back as a fulcrum instead.

4. Core Strength

Having a tight and toned core and back muscles will help support your upper body while using the bike. Also, minimize excessive swaying. You can rely on your chiropractor to guide through this and recommend you some exercises to strengthen your core and enhance your overall conditioning.

5. Adjust Your Posture To Your Bike

Even the slightest adjustment can make a big difference if your current fit is the wrong one. We know different styles of bikes need different riding postures, but make sure you do your research so you know how to ride it.

Why Chiropractic Care is Great for Cycling

Chiropractic Care Can Ease Joint Pain

A lot of people use cycling as a way to ease the pain in the joints, like their knees and hips. But, cycling can sometimes put a strain on these particular areas. It’s tough to have a balance between cycling and having healthy joints. Chiropractic care makes the balance easier. Chiropractic care can further enhance the health of these joints by removing restrictions. This will definitely help keep the pain away and help you enjoy the ride!

Chiropractic Care Can Boost General Mobility

Relieving pain through chiropractic care can improve your mobility. Chiropractors remove restrictions from your spine, which can often remove pain as well, but generally the result is to have improved mobility. This is very important particularly for cyclists. The more mobility they have, the more they can enjoy their ride.

Chiropractic Care Can Enhance Overall Health

It doesn’t matter what kind of sport or athletic activity you do, from cycling or boxing to swimming and dancing, improving your health is very important. Chiropractic care will ensure you stay stronger, become more flexible, be better focused, and suffer from fewer injuries and illnesses. You will be more active, healthier than you’ve ever been. When you do both, sports and chiropractic care, you’re likely to stay healthier and happier than before.

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