There are times when we’ve all been dizzy, maybe we stood up too fast, or we stared at an optical illusion for a long time. Feeling unsteady can be troubling, but they are nothing compared to how vertigo feels. Certainly, chiropractors have a wonderful technique to treat BBVP, it’s called the Epley maneuver. Let’s find out more about BBVP and how this maneuver could help you.

What Is BPPV?

BBVP or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is a common type of vertigo that can be accounted for up to 17% of patients who experience dizziness. This condition is caused by a problem in the inner ear. Canaliths, which are small crystals can become loose in the inner ear. They can end up inside the semicircular canals of the ear.
When the crystals move around they can cause the fluid in the ear to move as well. That results in the feeling of spinning people sometimes experience when moving their heads. This feeling of spinning is also called vertigo

Symptoms of BPPV

The symptoms caused by BPPV can appear quickly when a person who suffers from it moves their head. For example, this can happen when they toss and turn during the night. These symptoms may appear for a few seconds or they can last several minutes. These include:

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • visual disturbances

BPPV can be a common symptom among patients who have suffered trauma to the neck or head. This is often due to a disturbance in the nerves exiting the spine.


Those who get a diagnosis of BPPV will see that there is a limited list of treatment options that don’t include prescribed medications or surgery. Normally, for BPPV, medications like Antivert are prescribed. That is to say, it can help relieve the symptoms but it doesn’t correct the cause. Sometimes a simple exercise like the Epley Maneuver, which can be performed by a chiropractor, can alleviate the symptoms and fix the problem from the root.

The Epley Maneuver 

Chiropractic care can be of great help to cure your symptoms of BPPV by performing different exercises or manipulations. The Epley maneuver is one of them.
The Epley maneuver consists of a series of movements, normally performed on a person by a chiropractor. It is a safe and effective way to treat this condition, both long and short term. This exercise is also known as the particle repositioning maneuver.
The exercise involves a series of movements that can help reposition the crystals in your inner ear. By doing this it helps relieve dizziness and nausea.

How The Epley Maneuver Works

This maneuver is designed to position the head at an angle from where gravity is the key to help relieve the symptoms. Tilting the head slightly can help move the crystals out of the canals of the ear. This will relieve the dizziness and nausea by stopping the displacement of the fluid.

Post Epley Maneuver Care

After having the Epley maneuver performed on you, a chiropractor will suggest avoiding any movements that could displace the crystals again. These movements would be:

  • bending over quickly
  • lying down quickly
  • tilting the head
  • moving the head back and forth

It may also be recommended that you wear a soft collar to help you avoid making these movements. You can also sleep on two or three pillows so your head is lifted at a 45-degree angle.
This maneuver may be necessary a few times, however, t it is effective for 90% of patients. Most importantly, you should also know that there are no adverse side effects from it.

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