Sleeping is such a vital part of the human experience that it seems weird to think that you could be doing it wrong. Every day you get into bed ready to doze off in your usual comfortable position, but comfort doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.

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Trouble In Your Lumbar = Trouble In Your Sleep

If you sleep in a position that it’s not supporting your spine, you may be causing yourself aches and pains that are definitely not necessary. The spine is nerve central, so spinal stress can cause pain in any part of your body. And you definitely don’t want to wake up to it.

A poor sleep posture can cause restless sleep, but it can also cause strain in your muscles, leading to poor spine support. Poor posture while sleeping can also lead to neck and back pain, as well as fatigue and sleep apnea. It can even lead to impaired circulation, heartburn, and digestive issues.

The Worst Sleeping Position

We’re sorry for all the people that sleep on their stomachs, but sleeping on your stomach is the worst possible position you can sleep in. While it can be food for easing snoring, it is pretty bad for everything else. While sleeping in this position your core sinks deeper into the mattress, but your head and limps are higher on the surface. This creates a very unnatural position, like a skydiver. It increases the pressure on your muscles, joints, and organs. In this position your neck is turned in a way that is locking your upper cervical vertebrae, cause headaches and neck problems.

How To Sleep Better?

Normally you would think that if you’re comfortable you’ll have the best night’s sleep ever, but the most important thing you should be considering is finding your perfect sleep posture. You have to find a position that will keep the proper alignment of your spine.

Our usual advice is to move and change positions as much as you can, but since you’re sleeping and you’re unconscious during the night, this is pretty much impossible to regulate. Therefore, it is very important to support your back properly while you sleep.

Pillows are not just for your head. They can help you support your spine as well. Fill any gaps between you and your mattress with pillows for extra support.  A pregnancy pillow can also be of great help to keep from sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping On Your Back

The best position for good sleep is on your back. Your spine should be flat on your back with a supportive pillow under your head, that doesn’t push your chin too far down into your chest. If you are one of those people who sleep with 3 pillows around their heads, you need to stop. If sleeping with your head flat, you can elevate your entire body slightly with a pillow, rather than tilting your head forward with pillows.

This position distributes your weight evenly and puts less strain on pressure points. This position also helps to prevent wrinkles, but if you have sleep apnea, this position is not recommended.

To make this position even better, place a small pillow underneath your kneed to elevate them a little bit. It will place your spine in a natural alignment. Having a good mattress will also complement this sleeping position, it should support the hollow of your lower back. It will prevent your lower back from sinking too deep into it.

Sleeping On Your Side

If you are like the majority of adults and you sleep on your side, you’re on the right track! A fetal position on your left side actually improves the circulation in your body and is really good for pregnant women since it prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver.

A very loose side position can elongate the spine, decreasing the chance of back and neck pain and acid reflux.

However, be aware that a too-tight fetal position can cramp your diaphragm and can make it hard for you to breathe. It can also inflame your joints.

You can make this position better by placing a pillow between your knees in order to reduce the pressure on your joints.

However, pay close attention to how you place your legs. Try to keep your knees a little bit bent but not all the way up. You should be aiming for a classic spooning position.

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