With the new year comes a sense of a fresh start in life. We all begin 2019 with a clean slate and have every intention of improving ourselves on almost every level imaginable, from health and happiness to money and prosperity. But the success rate for new year resolutions is incredibly low because we all aim to take on too many changes at once. This monumental shift in our lifestyle makes it almost impossible to succeed. That is why at Mauricio Chiropractic we would recommend making just one change in your life that will have a major impact in 2019. But what is the one change that will drastically change your life for the better?

Women Waking Up

Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

There is a reason that we suggest that you wake up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. In the grand scheme of things 15 minutes less sleep won’t have a major negative impact on your life, but what you achieve within those 15 minutes will. We advise to break them up into 2 time segments.

Early Morning Stretch (10 Minutes)

Incorporating a morning stretch routine into your life has multiple benefits and doesn’t take that much effort compared to the rewards you gain. As experienced chiropractors in the Orlando region, we always recommend our patients incorporate a stretching routine that perfectly compliments their therapy sessions to see added benefits. But what benefits does a stretching routine in the morning have on your body?

  • Release Tension in Muscles

Lying static in bed all night can cause your muscles and joints to stiffen and tighten, initially restricting your mobility when you wake. Some simple and light stretching exercises can relieve this rigidness and improve your range of motion and mobility for the rest of the day.

  • Promotes Muscle Recovery

If you’re an active person (or plan on being one in the new year) you will no doubt have experienced muscle aches and pains from the previous day’s workout. Stretching will relieve some of the pain that you are experiencing by opening up the passageways in your muscles to allow oxygen to replenish and repair them. By stretching the muscles, you are allowing for a more rapid recovery experience, as your body now has the ability to recover itself at the optimum rate.

  • Reduce Stress Levels

Stretching initially can seem like a workout if you have never partaken in a regular routine before. Much like yoga, it can be difficult at the start if you don’t really know what you’re doing. If you have never experienced a light stretching session before, book an appointment with one of our experienced chiropractors who will talk you through a simple routine that is, most importantly, safe. When you have gotten used to stretching you will realize the importance of controlling your breathing, deep inhales and exhales have a positive and calming effect on your mood. Regular stretching routines can relieve stress and anxiety and allow you to focus on today’s task with a clear mind.

  • Physical Injury Prevention

If you are taking up a more intense exercise regime in 2019 you are more susceptible to injury because your body is not used to the stress you’re putting it under. Tight and stiff muscles have less leeway when it comes to movement and are at an increased vulnerability to straining or tearing. A quick 10-minute morning stretch will loosen them, exponentially decreasing the chances of an injury occurring, which will allow you to remain on course to achieving your health goals. If you’re transitioning to a more active lifestyle, we advise that you consult with your medical professional to make sure you’re exercising correctly. Regular chiropractic therapy sessions can have extreme long-term benefits.

  • Improves Posture

During a long night’s sleep it is not uncommon to wake up with mild to severe back or neck pain. This could be due to lying in an unnatural position. Certain stretching poses can correctly align your back or release tension from your neck without you having to seek professional medical attention. Speak to one of our chiropractors that can go through these routines with you, and with the added benefits of regular alignment sessions, those days of waking up in pain could be long gone.

As every patent in Mauricio Chiropractic is different, having a stretching routine that is tailored to your needs is important. Contact one of our chiropractic clinics and set up an appointment. Our staff will walk you through the different exercises for each body part to make sure you’re attempting them safely.

Healthy Breakfast (5 Minutes)

How you start your day off nutritionally will make a bigger difference than what people usually think. Too often people get up late, are rushing around in the morning in a hurry to leave for work and are resigned to the fact that they will just grab a quick snack on the go, or worse not have any breakfast at all. Usually these quick snacks are unhealthy but convenient options. Did you know that the more junk food you eat the more you crave it? Dedicating 5 minutes a day to preparing and consuming a healthy breakfast will have the benefits of providing you with the following:

–       A solid base of energy for the day

–       Improving cognitive function (including concentration and memory levels)

–       Long-term health benefits such as reducing the chances of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Chiropractic Therapy Sessions in Orlando, FL

Implementing this one change in 2019 can have major changes for you in the health department. At Mauricio Chiropractic we believe that a healthier you is a happier you. Rid yourself of the ‘new year same me’ cycle and look forward to an elevated level of health and wellness. If you would like to make this change it is important to seek a professional health expert to guide you on the correct path. Contact one of our chiropractic clinics in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Melbourne and book an appointment today.

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