There has been a plethora of case studies showing the benefits of getting regular spinal adjustments by a chiropractor can help with your overall health and wellness. At Mauricio Chiropractic we believe that through spinal manipulation therapy sessions we can help your body heal itself and allow you to live life to its full potential.


How can Spinal Adjustments Help Me?

Regular spinal adjustment therapy sessions have a multitude of benefits for your overall health and wellness. The main theory behind chiropractic care is that through proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure, the body will function at maximum level, thereby unleashing its power to naturally heal itself. That is why chiropractors are a popular option as they offer healing treatments without medication or surgical procedures.  

Alleviate Lower Back Pain

If the spine is misaligned the pressure that is evenly spread out over the length of it can be distorted. Through this distortion acute lower back pain can form as it is usually the area that carries the brunt of the pressure. By correctly manipulating the spine into its natural position, this pressure is released, and your lower back pain will go with it. All of our chiropractors are experienced and trained in performing safe back adjustments.

Alleviate Neck Pain  

Similar to treating lower back pain, if the spine is misaligned it can cause severe and chronic neck pain for the patient. Chronic neck pain can severely decrease the quality of life as it will have an impact on all aspects of it. From consistent sleep loss and poor posture, to decrease in exercise and increase in headaches or migraines. If you suffer from any of these symptoms consult with a chiropractor in one of our chiropractic clinics. A series of spinal manipulation and neck adjustment sessions will have you on the mend in no time.

Increase Joint Mobility

You need to think of the spine as the foundational building block for your body. If there is a problem with the foundations it can have a knock-on effect for the rest of your body. Secondary phenomenon such as severe joint pain, ligament damage, and strained muscles can all result from a misaligned spine. That is why chiropractors can help heal all of these issues through non-invasive procedures like spinal adjustments. 

Spinal Adjustments Near Me

If you are looking to kickstart your 2019 by living a healthier lifestyle you should go and consult with your local Orlando chiropractor. A consultation with Mauricio Chiropractic will help you start your year off right and allow you to reach your maximum potential. Regular spinal adjustments will make sure you are building a stronger and healthier you without the dangers of overworking your body. A correctly structured spine will significantly decrease the chances of injuring yourself. Visit one of our nine chiropractic clinics spread out through Orlando, Poinciana, and Melbourne or call to make an appointment today!

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