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The Benefits of Sitting Straight

The way you position your body throughout the day is both an indicator of your overall health as well as how it’s affecting your health. Having good posture minimizes the stress placed on your supporting muscles and ligaments, and affects the way other people see you. Most people spend the majority of their waking lives sitting. We sit at desks at work and school, at tables when we eat, and when we transport ourselves from place to place be it in a car or on the subway. Given how important our posture is for our overall health, consider visiting an Orlando chiropractic facility if you’ve been experiencing back pain.

Sitting up straight is something we are told to do from childhood. While it probably annoyed you when you were younger, we could all benefit from a reminder to maintain proper posture these days. As we spend so much of our time sitting, lacking proper sitting posture means we spend most of our time in an unhealthy position.

The Importance of Proper Sitting Posture

Having good posture decreases the amount of strain on the rest of your body. When you sit improperly, you often lean to one side or slouch. We often do both at the same time! Sitting up straight engages the muscles in your back, abdomen, and hips and aligns the skeletal structure.

Decrease Pain

Sitting up straight is good for your body in many ways. The most obvious may be the decrease in pain that results from properly aligning your spine. Your spine is a delicate structure that provides both structure and flexibility to your back. While the spine provides mobility, it has a natural shape. When each vertebrae is properly stacked on top of the other, the spine feels the least amount of pressure. Twisting and turning while we sit pulls on the ligaments that support the spine, overstretching them to the point of discomfort. We may not realize the pain we are causing as improper posture is more comfortable in the short run, but as our posture gets worse and worse it’s easy to see the damage that is done. If your spine or back is severely affected by poor posture, it’s a good idea to seek medical care from an Orlando chiropractic group.

Prevent Future Injury

Having proper alignment can also help prevent future problems. One of the biggest complaints among Americans is lower back pain. Sitting in a position that strains the spine can directly cause pain and can decrease the ability of the spine to support other movements. When the spine is out of balance, it can’t perform to the best of its ability. This may result in injury when engaging in more strenuous tasks, such as lifting a heavy object.

Increase Circulation

When we sit improperly, we tend to curve the front of our body inward, this decreases the amount of space the lungs are given to expand. Sitting up straight allows the lungs to fill to their full potential, increasing the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream. Having more oxygen in the blood means more nutrients to our brain and other organs, resulting in better performance overall. Breathing properly allows your brain to get the oxygen it needs to function properly. Essentially, sitting up straight can make you smarter!

Increase Confidence

Sitting up straight makes you taller and more alert. This can make you seem more attractive and a better conversation companion. Not only do you seem better to people observing you, but you can actually affect your own mood by sitting up straight. The brain receives information from the body on how to feel. If we sit tall and confidently, our brain will fall in line with what our body tells us. Since our brain is getting enough oxygen, we won’t need to yawn as much, which can make us seem rude and disinterested. Sitting properly elongates our core and necks, making us seem thinner and taller, two things that are generally more attractive! So if you aren’t convinced by the health effects alone, sit up straight for the sake of your social life!

How to Sit Up Straight

Sitting up straight may feel unnatural if you’ve been slouching for years. It can take a while to ingrain it into your mind so that you don’t have to consciously think about sitting up straight. Visiting an Orlando chiropractic facility or observing the people around you can help to remind you of proper posture. It can also help to have a simple mantra that you say repeatedly to remind you of the importance of sitting up straight. A good mantra may be “shoulders down and back,” which is also instructional. Some helpful tips to exhibit proper sitting posture include:

  • Adjust your chair so your hips are at or slightly higher than your knees.
  • Roll your shoulders gently down and back.
  • Keep your spine in a neutral position. While the phrase is to “sit up straight,” the spine does have a natural curve, gently curving out at the top and slightly in at the base.

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