Whether your sitting at a desk all day hunched over a keyboard or digging trenches at a construction site, back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries. Follow these 3 Tips to Making Your Job Less of a Pain in the Back provided by an Orlando Chiropractor:

3 Tips to Making Your Job Less of a Pain in the Back

1. Avoid Prolonged Static Posture

PROBLEM: Most people can only tolerate about 20 minutes of staying in one position, whether it’s standing in one place or sitting in an office chair.

SOLUTION: Simply adjust positions frequently…just move! Stand if you’re sitting, sit if you’re standing, stretch or take a short walk.

2. Get Enough Sleep

PROBLEM: Fatigue from lack of sleep or insomnia can make people move awkwardly and risk straining their back or neck with simple everyday movements.

SOLUTION: Get more rest! For your body to function at it’s best, it must have time to recover while you sleep. Having problems sleeping? Visit your Chiropractor more regularly! Getting regular adjustments can help your body restore its natural sleep rhythm and get your back to sleeping like a baby!

3. Practice Good Posture

PROBLEM: Incorrect posture while standing, sitting or driving are all common causes of back & neck pain.

SOLUTION: Stand up straight! Chest out, head back! When sitting in a chair, sit back & use the chair’s lumbar support, rather than sitting towards the front of the chair and hunching over. Follow these guidelines and visit your Orlando Chiropractor, Mauricio

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