Generally, people assume that going to a chiropractor is only for back pain, aches, neck pain, sciatica, etc. However, seeing a chiropractor has so much more unexpected benefits. For example, the treatment of anxiety. There is so much chiropractic care can do for anxiety, read on for more information.

Man in need of chiropractic care for anxiety

Anxiety Statistics

Anxiety is very common in our society nowadays. For instance, an anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness in the United States and it affects 18.1% of the population (that’s around 40 million people!), according to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). Sadly, only about 36% of people who suffer from anxiety get treatment.

Symptoms of Anxiety

These are some of the most common symptoms seen in anxiety patients:

  • Migraines or headaches
  • Muscle stiffness and strain
  • Inability to relax
  • Physical weakness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Constant worry and fear
  • Chest tightness
  • Shallow breathing

 Your CNS (central nervous system) is the communication center when it comes to telling your body what to do. This communication can develop interference and can ultimately get blocked.

In other words, when you have a spinal misalignment, this communication is pretty much not working, barely anything moves. So, when your brain fails to talk to your body, bad things can happen. It can lead to serious health problems, like anxiety.

A spinal misalignment interferes with your production of hormones and chemicals your body needs to keep you in good shape. For instance, if this production stops you can probably start feeling anxious, upset, and possibly depressed. While drugs can do the trick and make your mind think its okay, your symptoms will still come back and continue if you really don’t get better. 

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Anxiety

Chiropractic care can be of great help to people with anxiety. That is to say, you can pair it with traditional therapy or medication. Visiting your chiropractor regularly can really decrease your anxiety. Here’s how:

1. Trigger Happy Hormones

Having your spine adjusted can trigger happy hormones. Various studies have shown that getting chiropractic adjustments can increase oxytocin and cortisol levels. Oxytocin is actually known as the love hormone because it actually makes you feel connected and bonded. Cortisol on the other hand blocks pain resulting from inflammation. Above all, both hormones have great benefits in promoting improved mental health and reducing anxiety.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Regularly visiting a chiropractor helps you sleep. Sleeping well is an essential part of successful anxiety treatment. Actually, insomnia is the primary symptom of anxiety. Maintaining a good night’s sleep is very beneficial.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Chiropractic care can help you lower your blood pressure. Anxiety sufferers experience high blood pressure, so keeping it low is always a good thing.

4. A Holistic Approach

Approaching anxiety holistically including chiropractic treatment is the best way to treat it. Moreover, by taking your lifestyle into accounts, such as diet, exercise, and sleep habits, anxiety can be treated. Consequently, by incorporating spinal adjustments into the treatment you can get relief from your anxiety.

How Effective is Chiropractic Care for Anxiety?

A study that measured the electrical activity of muscles showed a reduction in 25% after going through chiropractic care. Reducing and relaxing muscles is very important to relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression.

As the price for healthcare keeps increasing at a fast rate, most people are leaning towards getting chiropractic care. Meanwhile, chiropractic care has no side-effects, doesn’t involve drugs, and it’s safe and natural. It is a safe and effective method that can help people with anxiety disorder.

Mauricio Chiropractic In Orlando Area

Mauricio Chiropractic has a dedicated and experienced team that can help you manage your anxiety symptoms. Above all, we use proper and methodical techniques and can help you get relief. Schedule an appointment here today.

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