If you’ve ever felt pain in your tailbone you know how hard it is to do simple things like sitting down, lying down, and even standing. This is a very common type of injury in athletes, but it really can impact just about anyone. All it takes is falling hard on a surface and you can bruise your tailbone and subluxate it. Here is how Mauricio Chiropractic can help you.

tailbone pain

What is Tailbone?

A tailbone is the very end of the spinal column, and it is commonly called the coccyx. This is a very noticeable bone when you are sitting. It is why when you sit for long periods of time it can get sore. When this bone gets damaged from a fall, it can be very painful and difficult to do everyday tasks because it causes so much pain.

Causes Of Tailbone Injury

The most common way of getting a tailbone injury is falling. Many people will fall on their back and buttocks and immediately feel a sharp pain in their tailbone. It normally goes away after some time. However, if you directly fall on your tailbone, lick in a slip, and fall on the stairs, you can injure your tailbone because it impacted it directly.

A fall is not the only cause of a tailbone injury. If you sit around the office for long periods of time is can lead to pain and even that kind of low impact can hurt your tailbone.

When your tailbone is injured, the muscles around it become stiff. When there is swelling around the coccyx, it can pull away from where it should be. This can cause the nerves in that area to get compressed. It can make you experience some inflammation and irritation causing even more discomfort and pain.

More causes of tailbone injury can include:

  • High impact sports
  • Activities in which an athlete is at great risk of falling
  • Repetitive activities, such as rowing or cycling
  • Childbirth

Warning Signs of Tailbone Pain

The following symptoms are signs your pain must be from a tailbone injury:

  • Bruising near the spine
  • Irritation and swelling
  • Tenderness/pain in the lower back
  • Difficulty in changing position
  • Painful intercourse
  • Pain while sitting

How A Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic treatment is one of the best options you can get when sustaining a tailbone injury. If your tailbone gets misaligned it can cause irritation to the nerves and tissues surrounding it. Having a chiropractor correct that misalignment can help bring you relief. A chiropractor can also offer exercises and a stretching regimen that can help you. Ice therapy can also help soothe the irritative issues.

Sometimes a tailbone injury can be so severe that a surgeon might have to be consulted. But, chiropractic care is a great option and usually the best solution for the injury. 

Mauricio Chiropractic

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